About Us

The Greater Cincinnati Bird Club is an insured non-profit organization, dedicated to all aspects of avian care. We welcome new ideas and any help we can get to achieve our goals We are a diverse group made up of members with companion birds, members who are looking to add a bird to their family and members who breed birds.

2020 Officers: President: TBA

Vice President: Gary Shunk

Treasurer: TBA

Secretary Tricia Armstrong

Trustees : Patrick Wilson

Our meetings are held usually (unless conflict with Holiday) the second Sunday in February, April, June, October and December. Club membership is $20 for individual and $25 for family. Our membership year is from February 1st thru January 31st. To print a membership form and mail it in or you can contact us also! Please see resource page for member discounts with local businesses. Feel free to attend a meeting and check us out! Our meeting are held at The Bird Shoppe on Rt 4, Fairfield. Meetings open to everyone and their healthy birds. Or you can join/renew your membership online (please give your contact info)


All regular meetings are scheduled for 1:30 PM at the Bird Shoppe in Fairfield, unless specifically stated..

Business meetings are open to all members and are encouraged to attend. This is when decisions about YOUR club are made and you can voice your opinion.

Meeting Etiquette
1. Healthy Birds may only be brought to meetings. They must be in carrier or stay on their human pet. If they cause a disturbance, the owner will be asked to take the bird outside.
2. No smoking is allowed.
3. To help all of us get home at a reasonable hour, please clean up after yourself.
4. Please don’t talk while the speaker is speaking, it’s very distracting.

Newsletter (with membership, ad, patron)
We publish a bi-monthly newsletter with information, helpful hints and a calendar of events, resources and upcoming speakers listed,

We have an outreach group that visits schools, organizations, nursing homes and clubs. We tell what it is like to live with birds) as well as what is involved in being a responsible bird owner. Programs are scheduled from April through October (depending on weather). Please contact us to schedule a program.

Some of our goals include collecting money for Avian Research., helping local birds in crisis and avian education.

***** We welcome anyone with an intrest in exotic birds as pets and breeders.
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