The Greater Cincinnati Bird Club is a non profit organization dedicated to all aspects of avian care. We are a fun loving group who like to get together, talk about birds, exchange ideas, and learn from each other. We also address problems and issues pertaining to the care, health, and preservation of our exotic birds. One of our goals is to educate bird owners, as well as future bird owners in the best way to care for their bird companions. That care includes proper housing, good nutrition, things that can be dangerous for birds, recognizing the signs of illness, toys and things to keep your bird happy and occupied, just to name a few. We have visited schools, libraries, nursing homes, shopping malls, pet stores, and retirement communities with our outreach program. We have also done some local television shows, newspaper articles, bird shows, and workshops. It's fun to show off our birds, but we try to let everyone know what is involved in having a bird live in our home and some of the things they should consider before bringing one to their home. Now we've expanded to this home page with the hope of reaching as many people as possible to make them aware that there is an exotic bird club in the Greater Cincinnati area.




Are your non-bird friends getting glassy eyed from listening to you talk about the latest antics of your "little darlin'?"

Come and visit us. We would love to hear your stories.


Hello! We welcome ANYONE with an interest in exotic birds as pets and breeders.
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